OS Height Data

Our height data and LiDAR products for site landscape and topography add up to the most comprehensive online range in terms of detail and coverage.

Easy to work with, the data can be brought into CAD and GIS software to enable 3D analysis and provide important contextual information for a range of applications.

The data is supplied in six main formats, and CAD or GIS software will be required to open and use it:

  • DXF Format Points CAD
  • ASCII Grid for GIS
  • DXF 3D Face CAD
  • XYZ – easting, northing, height CAD/GIS
  • Erdas Imagine image file GIS
  • Contours – DXF files for CAD/GIS

In most cases an Ordnance Survey-based map or aerial imagery will be needed in order to relate the height information to geographic and topographical features.

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