Copy Shop

We have a full Copy shop (Reprographics bureau) based in our Dunfermline outlet. Our speciality is wide format scanning up to 36”, copying and printing from file up to 60”, all of which may be full colour or monochrome input and output.

Mason repro use water and fade resistant inks and/or Dye inks on our 4 & 12 ink system printers to cater for all needs and applications. Our trio of inkjet plotters, combined with our high volume hybrid systems enable us to tackle small to large volume requirements of our customers.




We have the output capability of any size from A5 to an incredible 60 inches in both colour and monochrome! Common requests are:- banners, posters, photography, leaflets, graphics and technical drawings. To do this we can utilise any one of our 4 graphics plotters / printers in our office.

Short run services are available on demand, as you wait.

Orders can be placed in person, or by email at, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone.

Our preferred file type is .pdf however we can also read .dxf, .dwg, .dwf, .jpeg, .tiff, .doc, .xls, .bmp, .plt, .ppt, and .pub.


Visit our copyshop page to see an extensive list of the services we offer.

The current Masonmap Reprographics pricelist can be viewed below:

Prices below are exclusive of VAT.

Masonmap Services 2016    
Copies are produced on 80-90gsm paper.
Small FormatA5A4A3
Wide FormatA2A1A0
Laser Printing
Short run services from A5 - A3.
A4 PricesMatteSilk
A5 = Half A4 Cost. A3 = Double A4 Cost.
Each Additional£10.00£17.50£25.00
First ScanFurther Scans
Up to 42cm/16inch - 300dpi£2.00£0.35
Up to 42cm/16inch - 600dpi£3.50£0.60
A2 to 36inches - 300dpi£5.00£2.00
A2 to 36inches - 300dpi£8.00£3.50
High volume* scanning is charged at £30 per hour.
*More than 75 files up to 42cm/16inch @ 300dpi
More than 12 originals between A2 and 36 inch @ 300dpi
More than 9 originals between A2 and 36inch @ 600dpi
Prices based on pages per document with clear front and card backing.
Does not include printing.
10 - 2526 - 5051 - 99100+
Plastic Comb£2.00£2.50£3.50£5.00
Metal Wire£2.30£2.80£4.50£6.00
Steelback Resin£2.50£3.10£5.00£7.50
Print From File
Inkjet/Laser printed on to 80 - 90gsm paper.
Colour Linework£0.50£1.60£3.10£5.60
Colour Area£0.90£4.00£6.00£8.50
Full Colour£1.30£7.50£10.00£14.00
Additional costs per print for specialist paper types (A2 to A0 Only)Matt£2.00£3.50£5.00
Giclee Prints
12 colour LUIA pigment inks including RGB, CMYK and Greys. Colour fast for up to 100 years.
Full ColourA4A3A2A1A0
Matt Coated 180gsm£5.00£8.00£13.00£18.00£29.00
Matt Coated 230gsm£6.00£9.50£15.50£21.50£35.00
100% Cotton Matt Coated 300gsm£7.00£11.00£18.00£25.00£40.00
Textured Matt 315gsm£8.50£13.50£22.50£31.00£50.00
Semi-Gloss 190gsm£6.50£10.50£17.00£23.50£38.50
100% Cotton Semi-Gloss 300gsm£9.50£15.50£25.50£35.00£57.00
High Gloss 235gsm£7.50£12.00£20.00£27.00£44.00
Photo Baryta Gloss 300gsm£11.00£18.00£30.00£42.00£68.00
Artist Canvas 300gsm£8.00£13.00£23.00£33.00£57.00
Framed Canvas (inc. VAT)£22.00£33.00£45.00£65.00£80.00